Which Technology Meets Your Needs?

There are a wide variety of energy storage systems available for today’s medical equipment market. Numerous primary (non-rechargeable) batteries and secondary (rechargeable) batteries are all vying for a stake in the growing industry. Each technology has its own qualities based on a variety of specific factors. Environmental conditions, operating temperatures, load requirements, portable or stationary use, cyclic or backup application, and calendar life are just a few of the determining factors.

Technology Comparison:

The three basic characteristics of each battery type are chemistry, voltage, and energy density. The most common battery chemistries are lead, nickel, and lithium. The voltage of a battery is dictated by the difference in potential of the materials used for the anode and cathode. The gravimetric energy density defines the capacity of the battery in weight. To view the full white paper, click on the link to the right! If you have any questions, we'd love to hear from you at (860) 945-1177

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